Accountant for Accountants

Why outsource accounting and payroll?

Our outsourcing services are an efficient and alternative means for our clients to complete their routine bookkeeping, accounting and payroll work without increasing overheads that come in the form of recruiting and training specialist staff, buying and maintaining systems and software, and dealing with complex government legislation.

Who do we serve?

Whether it’s a large accountancy work looking to gain access to scarce skills, or a sole-proprietor wary about recruiting staff, a small practice that needs support during periods of under-staffing or even a struggling practice looking to increase savings, Able Consulting helps transform the way accountants operate their accounting departments.

How does it help?

- Cost effective

- Over-head free growth

- Low-margin + high input work

- Faster turnaround

- Addresses regulatory requirements

Accounts for businesses


How can we help?

Gaining from our experience in serving accounting practices in the US, Able Consulting assists corporate clients looking to achieve a higher level of business performance through an efficient and effective finance, accounts and payroll service.

Service inclusions

- General accounting   - Accounts payable

- Accounts receivable   - Credit control

- Financial reporting     - Payroll

- Fixed Assets


Benefits reached

Our services are customized for each industry vertical and we use clear metrics, such as savings and service-level agreements to assure business outcomes. In addition to those mentioned, the following are some other benefits of outsourcing the finance and accounting function:

- Get informative reports on different aspects of accounts

- Move focus from basic to strategic functions

- Saves time

- Meets regulatory requirements

- Saves costs through check-points


Service coverage

Right from small start-ups, big enterprises to accounting firms we provide a fully managed payroll service for a range of organisations. We also provide specialised payroll services to suit certain sectors and run a daily payroll for a number of recruitment agencies.

What we do in Payroll Services

Efficiency and staff experience go hand in hand. Employees want timely and accurate salary payments and employers want access to real time information and a smooth and accurately delivered payroll service. We at Able Consulting provides a comprehensive payroll service that not only makes organisations more efficient and current, but also improves the employees’ payroll experience.

Our scope not only includes processing and managing a client’s payroll but also has answering employee queries and liaising with third party agencies like tax authorities and other related local authorities.

Business Advice

What we do?

Able Consulting is playing a vital role in the business landscape, offering strategic, operational and technical advice to Indian businesses that are considering operating worldwide and businesses abroad looking to establish themselves in the India.

Services we offer 

We offer business advice on how to overcome challenges that organisations in the UK and India come across while trying to establish themselves abroad including:

- How to and which business structure to set up

- How to secure investment, loans, capital and finance

- Meeting legal and regulatory compliance

- Business management support

- Cross border tax

- Due diligence on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions

- Accounting, finance and payroll

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